Creators of quality CBD, and designers of innovative products.

Simply Calm CBD was founded upon the idea of creating accessible medical grade CBD products. In an over saturated market filled with falsehood and trickery, our goal is to be a beacon of what CBD products should be, and can do.

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portland based

Oregon born and raised.

Founded in the state of green grass and too much rain, Simply Calm CBD was created by a small group of health fanatics aiming to normalize the use of CBD for its many biological benefits.

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Wellness For All

oregon sourced hemp

Organic, non-GMO Oregon Sourced Hemp.

All hemp used in the creation of our products is organic, non-GMO, pesticide free, and sourced from local farms in Oregon. The back bone of Simply Calm CBD is formed from the generous farmers who support us.

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Wellness For All

Our motto, wellness for all, is the goal we strive to reach, and the motivation that drives our every decision. We believe that CBD contains numerous health benefits still widely unadopted by the world. Our goal through Simply Calm CBD is to spread these healing abilities world-wide.

A brand is only as powerful as the people who adopt it. We believe the best way to accomplish our goal is to let our dedicated customers and the results from our CBD products speak for themselves. We look to you to spread the adoption of CBD.