CBD For Pain Relief

Everyone deals with pain of some sort – back pain from sitting at a desk too long every day, muscle pain from sports or exercise, joint pain from old injuries or operations, and more.

And one of the most frustrating things about pain is that despite how universal it is, there never seems to be a good answer for it. Traditional over the counter options like Advil and Tylenol may help mitigate mild pain slightly, but they often don’t do enough. Plus, they can only be used so frequently, as studies show prolonged daily use of them can have negative side effects. On the flip side, prescription pain killers are often not a good answer either. Not only are many prescription pain killers addictive, but they also inhibit people from going about their everyday routines because of their cognitive effects. Moreover, the increasingly complex health care system makes getting the right prescription drugs expensive and time-consuming.

That’s where CBD comes in. Finally recognized for all the positive impacts it could have, CBD was made available for commercial sale in 2018. And, the already multi-billion dollar and growing industry has tens of millions of users all across the country. Survey data shows that over half of CBD users use it for different types of pain, and the testimonials for its effectiveness are remarkable.

At Simply Calm, our mission is to help people feel better and be healthier. If you’re dealing with some sort of pain and haven’t found the right treatment for you or just want to explore your options, give one of our CBD products like the Muscle & Joint Cream, Capsules, or Premium Lotion a try.

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