Simply Calm and COVID-19

Now more than ever it is important for businesses to do their part and make sure that customers have access to the CBD products they need. However, many businesses aren’t doing enough, and, as a result, supply chains around the country have been disrupted.

At Simply Calm, our promise to bring you the highest quality CBD products is unconditional, so we have been working around the clock to keep our workers and products safe, ensuring that COVID-19 will never come in the way of getting the products you need.

We’re fortunate that our beautiful farms in rural Oregon are well off the beaten path and isolated from any COVID-19 hotspots. But, we’re still being proactive to ensure that our workers will be protected regardless of what happens.

We always encourage workers to stay home if they are feeling at all ill and we help our workers get access to COVID-19 testing to ensure that they aren’t sick. Moreover, we set guidelines for safe and unsafe activities out of the workplace to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus.

Beyond that, with our hundreds of acres of farms, it’s hard not to physically distance. But, just to be safe, we still set strict physical distancing and mask policies to make sure that the virus isn’t transmitted.

We’re committed to our workers’ health and safety, and we’re committed to bringing you the products you need to you during these trying times, which is why we will continue working tirelessly to keep this promise to you.

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