Daily Wellness CBD Box

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Whats inside:

CBD: 500mg
Size of container: 

CBD: 500mg
Size of container: 

Count: 15 Capsules
25mg Each
Size of bottle:

What exactly is CBD, and how does it work?

We like to think of CBD as a vitamin. Similar to how it is suggested to take daily vitamins as we get older, CBD is there to help balance the body. CBD is a natural compound derived from an organic farming process. 🚜

We have bundled these specific products because of the wellness qualities. They contribute to a soothing feeling at the beginning and end of the day. Instead of waking up stressed because of today’s to-do list, a little CBD will provide an improved focus and balance to ensure your day is relaxed as you accomplish your tasks. 🏖

The pure CBD oil in this box is the quickest way to start enjoying the benefits. Just put a few droplets on your tongue, in a beverage or smoothie and your day is off to a great start. 🥤

If you prefer to take it with your vitamins or without any taste, these CBD capsules are an easy way to get your wellness dose.🌞

The lotion is everyone’s favorite. Apply it whenever and wherever you want. The enjoyable effects will occur on your skin. 🧴

Integrating CBD into your daily wellness routine is a simple way to improve your balanced healthy lifestyle. Stop being overwhelmed by the little things. 😊

No THC. 🚫

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