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Whats inside:

Facial Mask:
CBD: 500mg
Size of container: 

CBD: 500mg
Size of bottle:

Detox Shots:
CBD: 75mg Each
Size of bottle:

How can CBD help me to diet detox and cleanse my body?

Toxins are everywhere. We breathe them in from pollution, in the food we eat from pesticides or processed food, drinking alcohol, even in the beauty products we use everyday. A majority of people believe a juice cleanse or diet detox is their solution. 

CBD is an antioxidant. It helps stimulate your endocannabinoid receptors, which give your immune system a kickstart. Studies have shown that CBD may actually be able to help destroy the toxins. 🌿

The three key products in this box are going to help your body recover while detoxing. Hemp is known to have protective effects that will detoxify your body at a higher degree than a juice cleanse or smoothie. 🥤

Consuming hemp or using the topicals helps the body recover. By elevating an endocannabinoid called 2-AG, the hemp is able to stimulate the cannabinoid receptor to help mediate your immune system. Studies have shown the stimulation of this receptor reduces the production of attack cells while allowing your body to heal. 🏋️‍♂️

The pure CBD oil in this box is the quickest way to start enjoying it. Just put a few droplets on your tongue, in a beverage or smoothie and your body will start recovery mode. 

Wake up hungover? Knock this detox shot back and relax. Your headache should begin to disappear and you’ll be able to enjoy your day at ease. 👍

Everyone loves a good face mask. Detox your skin and allow the anti-aging properties of the CBD face mask to heal your skin. 🤩

This box will help clear your system and increase daily clarity. 🌞

No THC. 🚫

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