Sleep Aid CBD Box

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Whats inside:

Count: 15 Capsules
CBD: 25mg Each
Size of bottle: 8.5oz

Pre Rolls:
CBD: 150mg Each
Count: 6 
Flavor: Cherry wine

CBD: 500mg
Size of container: 1oz

How can CBD help me to sleep? 💤

Almost 80 percent of Americans say they have trouble sleeping at least once a week.  People don’t want to consume chemicals to fall asleep anymore. They are all turning to CBD products to help them get restful sleep. 

Since the products in this CBD box help relax and alleviate stress, falling asleep calmly is a byproduct. Finally you can doze off when you want. Many users find that they stay asleep longer and enjoy improved wakefulness during the day. 🛌

CBD is a natural and organic method to help calm restless thoughts that often delay or interrupt your sleep. Stress is the root of sleeplessness. 

Capsules in this box are a simple way to fall asleep. 😴

The pre-roll CBD joints allow you to get the effect even faster while taking a quick smoke break. 💨

CBD tinctures are pure so you’ll only need a few droplets on your tongue, in your beverage or smoothie before you begin feeling the beneficial effects.😋

Allow these CBD products to benefit your sleep cycle and get the rest you deserve. 

No THC. 🚫

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